Beat the Competition

trophyA well-functioning revenue engine must have four elements in alignment: the customer vision, the offerings, marketing communications, and selling skills. Accelerated Achievements can scale planning efforts from a business plan for an entrepreneur to a full-scale corporate strategic plan. Regardless of scale all plans detail customer desires, a competitive value proposition, and extended financial forecast. We can assist in surveying the competitive landscape to discover a niche or designing survey tools to capture critical needs from your customers.

Sales is a process and Accelerated Achievements will help you understand the gaps that are hindering selling success and can train a sales staff to master proven selling skills. Not only has Accelerated Achievements improved revenue results, but we have also helped businesses procure financial funding, focus investment in product development, and motivated marketing staff.

Marketing Consulting Offerings

“The plan Accelerated Achievements helped us create earned us $1.75M in financing.”