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Managing for Engagement and Results
Mondays 4:00 –  6:00 PM, Sept. 17 – Nov. 5 leadership we mean the art of getting someone else to do something that you want done because he wants to do it, not because your position of power can compel him to do it, or your position of authority. - Dwight Eisenhower May 1954

Are you committed to advancement or the status quo??

Everybody commits to one or the other. This course is for business leaders ready to act and claim the productivity, efficiency, and innovation their team can deliver. Every word, expression, and action projected by a leader is observed and construed by their team to govern how they behave and act. This course is designed to make participants more aware of their communication and organization habits and offer the reinforcement to change those habits both so to boost team performance. Participants will gain the following:
  • Improved goal setting and achievement
  • Improved motivational and communication skills
  • Improved management of time and personal productivity
  • Improved creation and management of team performance
The course uses two of the most effective and basic learning techniques: redundancy and reinforcement. This is not a “one-shot” seminar where 98% of course material is forgotten after 10 days. Course materials are accessed on-line and participants are encouraged to read or listen to material six times during the week. This can easily be accomplished during your ride to or from work. Studies show that listening six times increases retention to 62% for 15 years to life. Exercises permit reflection on how lessons can be applied to personal situations and goals are set that commit participants to try in behaviors real-life situations. Classroom time is an opportunity to ask questions and compare progress with a group of professional peers. Course includes access to course material library, personal and confidential storage of worksheets, and personal attribute and style assessments.

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