Our Approach

Accelerated Achievements works with professionals seeking excellence and who understand that success best comes from development of skills and awareness. Our practice is wide in scope, addressing people, market analytics, and business process. We value building high-trust relationships by honoring the talent of our clients, setting correct expectations, meeting our commitments, and persisting until a project is complete.

Our work always begins with understanding our clients; as every client’s needs are unique. All projects are customized with measurable objectives. We value client goals that address both short and long-term strategies are shared and understood across the organization. If goals are not present, we will help clarify them. If goals are understood, we take time to examine obstacles and determine where skill or process development is beneficial.

While an hourly rate is available, we prefer to work with clients on a fixed price. Projects typically run six to ten weeks and clients generally observe progress after four to five weeks.

Achieving Real Change

Performance breakthroughs require change of culture, behavior, and process. Change is best achieved through coaching, repetition and positive reinforcement. For coaching and skill development projects, we generally meet with a client for roughly ninety minutes per week for six to ten weeks. Our projects are directed at a measurable goal which will provide a handsome financial return for our clients. The repetitive schedule permits clients to absorb new skills and overcome obstacles encountered while obtaining positive behavior change. We are not a training company. Training companies impart knowledge without supporting the realization of a real goal and performance change.

Strategies with Impact

Accelerated Achievements believes strategic plans require both compelling vision and complete financial projects to have desired impact on the organization and stakeholders. Planning projects are scaled to complete with the organization’s available resources. Development of strategic plans will be scheduled to accommodate the availability of the key personnel required to participate in the project.